Do you have lots of small jobs that you’ve been putting off?

Would it help to have someone come in for a day and work through your list?

Handyman Drew Taylor

Your local Blue Mountains handyman

Get Drew to come and fix

  • your drawer that doesn’t close
  • the peeling paint
  • the mouldy grout
  • the cracked tile
  • the broken light switch
  • the dripping tap and the squeaky door
  • gardening, fencing, decking and outdoor structures
  • house move renovations and sale preparation
  • one-off and bespoke construction commissions.

Bathrooms and kitchens

Drew can fix damage to timber finishes, leaky taps, cracked tiles, drainage and mouldy grout. Resolve your sticking drawers and cupboards, replace kitchen surfaces, and repainting.

Custom joinery

Drew can create additional storage for any room. Have Drew make a built in wardrobe or assemble and install a pre-purchased unit, make custom shelving or cupboards.


Drew has a wealth of experience in period restoration and can restore your home and furniture with traditional techniques and materials. This might include resurfacing and replacement of parts.


Drew can fix your cracked path or driveway with new pavers or concrete, repair a damaged fence with new palings and mend retaining walls. You can also get Drew to spruce up your mossy drive with a pressure clean.


Drew can add a new door or window to brighten a room, replace damaged cladding or weatherboard, and spruce up your house’s exterior with a new coat of paint. He can also replace a broken window pane.


Drew has worked as a theatre master carpenter, props maker and historic house property manager. He can use a variety of materials to create themed environments for your home or business, as well as assist with inspiration in the creative process.

Drew provides a comprehensive, reliable and skilled home maintenance service in the Blue Mountains and Nepean region.

Quality workmanship guaranteed.

Reliable, ethical and responsible work practices.

Dedicated to servicing local customers.